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Is Your House Full of Stuff To Fund Your Retirement?

What Cash Is Hiding In Your Attic?

When you think about funding your super, you might consider earning extra money with a part-time job. But you don’t necessarily need to start or continue working in order to fund your retirement; the extra money you need may already be in your home in the form of unwanted or unused items.

Downsizing is Common

Many seniors choose to downsize the number of items they own. Some do this because they are moving to an apartment from a home; others simply wish to de-clutter. However, you can also earn a hefty amount of money as you reduce the amount of items you have. Although it can be time-consuming, going through the items in your basement or attic can give you a good idea of the things you have that may be worth some money.

Framed Artwork

You may have artwork that you have been storing away for whatever reason. If you have a significant amount, a trip to your local art dealer or even asking questions about the artwork online can help you to determine how much it may be worth. Also, the frame that holds the artwork can also be valuable, perhaps even more so than the artwork itself. Therefore, it’s important not to neglect the frame when asking for a piece of art to be appraised.


Although that piece of furniture in your home may look plain and worn, it could be worth a lot of money. Many unassuming pieces of furniture have been appraised at hundreds or even thousands of dollars by experts on television. One important thing to remember is to not polish, sand, clean or make any attempts at restoring furniture yourself, as this can significantly devalue a piece. Collectors are after the patina that furniture takes on after many years of use and display. Cleaning and sanding removes this patina as well as the value.


Depending on whether or not your jewelry has sentimental value, you may or may not wish to sell it. An expert can provide lots of information on the history of your pieces, which can help you determine whether to sell the piece for market value, or to sell it to a collector. Just as with furniture, it’s important to leave the cleaning of your jewelry to professionals wherever possible, so that the value of your pieces can be retained.

While selling your valuable items may not provide enough money to fund your retirement, it can still net you significant extra money that can be used to top up your super. But there are many more ways to ensure your retirement is comfortable. They can be found either by downloading our free eBook, or by calling us and speaking to one of our retirement professionals.

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