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Include Staying Young in Your Retirement Planning

You may not have thought much about your retirement while in your younger years. Many people don’t. But now that you’re here, you may be faced with the question about what to do with all that time. Sure, you could spend more time in your garden, with your grandchildren, puttering around the house, or even taking part in local seniors’ activities. But is there another way to stay young? Absolutely.

Today’s senior not only wants to do the aforementioned activities, but you can also find them leading very active lifestyles. Seniors today are traveling, surfing and doing a host of other things they may have never done before in their lives. Moreover, many seniors have taken on a job. But in addition to the monetary benefits of working past retirement, there are several other benefits.

Incorporating a job into retirement planning can also provide seniors with the social interaction they had while they were still in their working years. And, considering the suggestion that many seniors now supplement their supers, the extra money can certainly help. Working into retirement can also foster the feeling of self-worth and allow you to pass on what you’ve learned to the younger generation.

Greater Life Expectancy

This generation of seniors is the longest living of all; on average, a female senior will live to be 88, and male seniors can expect to reach the age of 85. However, the retirement age, on average is 59 for women and 69 for men. This leaves over two decades for retirement.

The average ages listed above are only expected to increase. This is reflected in the government’s plans to raise the pension age two years to 67 just eight years from now. No doubt this will cause many seniors to review the efficiency of their retirement planning.

Staying Young Is About Perspective

Getting a job in your retirement years is certainly a great way to stay active. But how do you view your retirement and the fact that you’re aging? Staying young is also about perspective. Think young, and you will be young, say many. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should try and take up skydiving or another sport that could be risky to your health. Skydive if you like, but adopting that young mindset and a positive outlook is really all that it takes.

The Brain and the Body

Staying mentally sharp by reading, doing all sorts of puzzles or learning and language can increase your brain’s fitness. But keeping in shape physically can also assist the brain, as can the eating of a healthy and balanced diet. Experts recommend that seniors exercise moderately for at least 30 minutes per day.

It can be much easier to concentrate on staying young when you have your retirement planning in order. Download our eBook, or contact us today to discover how easy it can be to address all of your retirement needs.

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